Mary Wehner
...or the opposite
Mary Wehner

Fifteen new poems by this Wisconsin writer, with a suite of drawings by Birmingham, Alabama artist Jane Marshall. 5” x 7”, 36 pp. Red Hydra Press, December 2007. Designed, letterpress-printed, and hand-bound by Steve Miller in an edition of 75 numbered copies, each signed by the author.

...or the opposite is printed in 12 colors. The poems and drawings are printed over several low relief Sandragraph plates made by the printer from natural objects collected from the perimeter of the letterpress studio at Penland School of Crafts, where this book was printed. Chaparral digital types were printed on dampened Biblio papers. The three-signature books were hand bound with brilliant green Khadi Indian handmade paper endsheets, tucked into printed periwinkle Khadi wrappers.

This publishing collaboration began as a conversation between printer and author about qualities of nature, humanity, and balance found in the poet’s work. Once a decision was made to publish the poems, the artist Jane Marshall came to mind. Jane’s drawings, prints, and paintings are well known for their strong connection to the plant and animal world, and would perfectly complement the words.

During the summer of 2006, the poet, artist, and printer spent several days together at a cottage on Lake Michigan. The final day was spent reading the poems and discussing art, color, paper, type, and binding possibilities. It was an amazing and heart-felt meeting. The resulting book is alive with the dialog that began that summer day. Steve Miller was inspired by the color swatches Jane Marshall created when she was thinking about Mary Wehner and her words, next to the Vandercook proof press during the printing of the book.

...or the opposite was letterpress-printed while the printer was a visiting artist at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, during October and November of 2007. It witnessed the changing of the seasons, great rain storms, and on the final day of printing, a snowstorm!

Copies are available for $175, plus shipping.


Jane Marshall
artist Jane Marshall

Steve Miller
Steve Miller prints ...or the opposite
at Penland School of Crafts.

...or the opposite
February 2008

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