The Devil Came To Alabama

Voice Porter unfortunately passed away days after seeing his finished book for the first time. This is a tremendous loss for so many individuals and groups where his impact has been so strong. See the information below on reserving a copy of the book. Contact me through the website and I will email you the following information:

Thanks much for your interest in Voice's book. Because there are so few copies I am putting you on a list to be emailed when plans for an Ensley gathering come together in the next weeks. The small event will celebrate the book. The only thing I am asking is that individuals who receive the book will consider supporting Voice's family with a donation to the Penney Foundation in his name. I'd suggest a donation of $100 or more, but anything will be appreciated. I have you down as getting one of the books. The foundation address is below:


All the best, Steve Miller

Red Hydra Press