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unfolding the tablecloth of god

Poet Olga Broumas' words were so interesting that I reached out to her about publishing some new work. She came back with a proposed text that was a collaboration with T Begley. They both wrote the text and the idea was very intriguing. I was working on this book at the the Penland School of Craft when I met artist Pinkney Herbert. Pink was teaching a drawing class. When I saw his large format charcoal drawings I showed him the text and asked if I could take a piece out of one of the large works to reproduce for the book's paper wrapper. It had just the kind of dramatic energy the book wanted. Printing the image that spread from the inside to the back to the front of the book was amazing. It took lots of ink and there were drying sheets on every possible surface in the shop. The heady smell of oil-based printing ink was everywhere. To see all those sheets and the patterns that developed was beautiful. It is one thing printers get to see––printed sheets overlapping each other creating a motion of patterns.

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