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These Winds Rarely Die Down

Steve Miller: "This is a very special project for me. I have traveled to Cuba many times since 2002, and have worked with a number of Cuban artists and poets on book projects. Every time I have been there I visit the Castillo de la Real Fuerza at the edge of Havana Harbor. This stone fortress is now a maritime museum, but it storied well beyond this. Early on it held the gold and silver ingots brought there from South America for safe keeping for the King of Spain until his armadas could bring the loot back to Spain. Some of this is on view now in the museum. It was sacked by pirates and burned. The Governor of Cuba lived there with troops, and it is her story of love lost that is central to this book. I had been wanting to write about my Cuba experiences and didn't imagine that it would end up being in the form of a miniature book. The title, THESE WINDS RARELY DIE DOWN, refer to the strong winds that come off Havana Harbor when standing on top of the Castillo, but also the winds of passion that do not seem to age."

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