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I enjoy challenges with each new book project. With Lion there were several. I knew that the author Cage Collum had a new manuscript, and when I looked at it I knew it needed to be made into a book. Then, based on Cade's words, I wanted to work with sculptor Craig Wedderspoon who had never worked in books. It's refreshing to see what someone out of the book field does when confronted with a sequences of pages. Then I wanted to work with bookbinder Anna Embree from the initial manuscript stage all the way through a final structure and the binding process. And finally I wanted to experiment with using some translucent pages mixed in with regular opaque sheets to see how images printed on see-through sheets would relate to the words below and how images would relate to each other with some printed translucent and some opaque. It was actually very tricky getting the pages to work with each other and for the sculptural sequences to work. I think the book works beautifully as a sequential sculpture.

Lion Froth Crown

Cade Collum


Craig Wedderspoon


Anna Embree

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