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There Are Things Too Marvelous To Be Spoken Of

Though a tiny book without words, except for the title page and colophon, this book packs a punch. For looking fairly simple it was a very complicated piece to produce. I had to figure out how to drop a 3-color reduction linoleum cut from page to page, with the blocks perfectly placed each time: one color over the previous color. All of that on one piece of paper printed on both sides, then trimmed, and folded and bound, with everything lining up. The tornado approaching and then dropping out of the sky from page to page, to destroy what was beneath. I regret that I didn't make more books in the edition.

Knowing what I had gone through several months before the Artist Educator Week at Penland, at the final showing there were teary eyes upon looking at this little book. The title shows the awe I felt in having gone through the storm and its grandeur, and surviving.

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